What The Future Holds

On the Rain-Slick Precipice...
Session 1

It was a dark and stormy night in the city. Yeah, so it was just like every other night in our town.

My name is Drake Decker. I’m a Private Investigator. My brother Kelly and I run a respectable business. Evie, our secretary keeps us on task.

It was just about quittin’ time when a friend of ours, Tate, came in like a wet cat looking for some place dry.

I offered him some bourbon, not the good stuff I keep in the hidden file drawer of my desk, but the decent stuff from Kentucky. He took it and told us about how he found his partner Spencer dead in their speakeasy’s basement. I blinked, and his glass was empty.

After a couple of questions, we decided to help out the guy- for our normal fee of course, plus hazard pay. After all, my ex-wife was working for them that night.

Vivian was a stand-up gal, but I’d rather not put myself in situations where I have to see her at work. The old green-eyed monster inside me, you know- jealousy, likes to show up whenever she sings to another man. I know I don’t have claim on her attentions any more, but damn if I always enjoyed it. That’s why my little girl Nicole if gonna have a better life dammit. She deserves better than to become her parents- a struggling P.I. and a crooner-for-hire.

That’s what was going through my mind as we walked through the club and down to the basement.

Then, I couldn’t think anymore. I couldn’t even breathe correctly. There was a coppery-metallic haze in that place, and when we looked up, I saw why.

There was a ritual of some sort performed on the ceiling of the basement. Poor Spencer had been ex-sanguinated (according to my brother Kelly that means he lost all his blood) and was placed in the center of a pentacle scrawled in blood. Needless to say we told Tate to close the place down.

He couldn’t call the police because he was violating prohibition, so we were his only chance of getting justice, or vengeance if it came to it. My brother and I continued to look around for clues, and Evie did her job of intercepting Vivian at the door when she came snooping along. Thank God for girl-talk, huh? Vivian didn’t need to see that sort of stuff. It’s the stuff of nightmares, and I didn’t want her to take that home to my daughter.

So my brother and I did what we do best. We investigated. I scrawled the sigils down on my notepad, and Kelly started up a ladder to be able to reach Spencer’s corpse.

We found out the inscriptions were in Latin. I’m gonna have to go past Father Mahoney’s in the morning to ask him to translate.

That’s when Evie came back from her girl talk, spouting about a lead. She’s a good kid, Evie. Apparently a local bruiser named Big Jimmy was trying to put a squeeze on Tate and Spencer. Looks like my brother’s favorite part of the case was about to happen.

We took Spencer’s body down and wrapped him in a big blanket, and carried him out the back of the speakeasy. It was a tight fit in the trunk, but Kelly’s plan was to make sure Big Jimmy would reap the rewards of his strong-arming. Now listen, I told you I was a private investigator, not a boy scout. Big Jimmy was a rat, through and through. A rat that was gonna poison this neighborhood and everyone in it. He deserved being framed. Hell,, Spencer would’ve gotten a kick out of seeing him go down.

We cruised to Big Jimmy’s club, the rival club to Spencer’s speakeasy. Whereas Spencer’s had class and personality, this place had mass and banality. It was a bigger club, but there was definitely and aura of looming despair around it.

We planted the body without to much effort, but on the way back to the car, we saw Big Jimmy and his boys talking tough with each other, negotiating something. I couldn’t catch what they said, though, because someone started shooting.

My brother started shooting back. That’s my little brother. Shoot first and let God sort it out. My time in the war taught me different. I spent a tour in Europe. Not something I like to talk about. I ran toward the nearest thug and cold-cocked him with my pistol, knocking him on his ass, unconscious. More dead bodies wasn’t gonna help anyone.

That’s when I saw my brother get shot. It was all a haze after that. I think Evie ran into a guy that was about to kill both the Decker boys. She’s a good kid, Evie. We took off, my brother and I in the back of the car. I tried to stop the bleeding as much as I could.


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